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Is your councillor a community champion? Or a developers’ darling?

Since 1909 Hansard has listed how MPs have voted in every division in the House of Commons. Unfortunately, a hundred years on and it’s still extremely difficult to find out how local councillors vote. In the creaking apology that passes … Continue reading

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Cornwall’s democratic deficit and the 2017 elections

How democratic is Cornwall? There are three simple tests of democratic health. First, how often can we vote for our representatives? Second, how easy is it to make our views known and influence representatives between elections? Third, how well-informed are … Continue reading

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The brownfield myth

In the world of doublespeak that passes for developer-led planning words don’t mean what they appear to mean. For instance, a lot of folk fall for the ‘affordable home’ pitch. Yet almost all the houses for sale as ‘affordable’ are … Continue reading

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Cornwall Council gets rattled

You really have to wonder about people like John Pollard, the Leader of Cornwall Council, who has submitted a long justification for the Council’s policies to the West Briton after last week’s advert by housing campaigners. People like this will … Continue reading

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Cornwall is a developers’ paradise: the evidence

Before Christmas Cornwall Council was accused of being ‘anti-development’ by a group of upcountry planners and councillors. Meanwhile, planning applications regularly assert that there has been an ‘under-supply’ of housing in Cornwall in recent years. Indeed, the Council’s own Housing … Continue reading

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The Cornish, state housing policy and the FCPNM

Below is a copy of a report submitted to the Council of Europe Advisory Committee on the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities to the United Kingdom. You can download the pdf here: The FCPNM and the Cornish … Continue reading

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