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Cornwall is not ‘the same as everywhere else’

There’s a tendency on social media to claim that development pressures in Cornwall are nothing unique or out of the ordinary. ‘It’s the same everywhere’ and ‘no different here’ are the refrains. Sometimes, this can meld into a more vituperative, … Continue reading

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Peer review or hatchet job? Deconstructing Cornwall’s Council’s planning system.

On January 7th a peer review on Cornwall Council’s planning department was published –  Final Planning Peer Report – Cornwall Council Jan 7 2016. This was leaked to the press in early March at the latest but unaccountably still cannot … Continue reading

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Curious capers at Cornwall Council

Last week strange lights were reported in the sky over west Cornwall. They turned out to be stars rather than UFOs. But meanwhile, even odder things were happening at County [sic] Hall. Perhaps those alien robots had already landed. Back … Continue reading

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