What’s planned for your town?

What does Cornwall Council’s Local Plan have in store for your community?

Here’s a table with the current target distributions and the target growth for 2010-2030.

houses 2010-30 growth 2010-30
Penzance 2,150 19%
St Ives 1,100 16%
Hayle 1,600 39%
Helston 1,200 25%
Camborne-Redruth 5,200 24%
Falmouth & Penryn 2,800 21%
Truro 4,200 37%
Newquay 3,800 37%
St Austell 2,900 24%
Wadebridge 1,100 35%
Bodmin 3,000 46%
Liskeard 1,400 32%
Saltash 1,200 17%
Torpoint 350 10%
Launceston 1,800 44%
Bude-Stratton 1,200 24%
All Cornwall 52,500 21%

Here’s a map of the planned absolute growth

housing growth 10-30 abs

And another for the relative growth

relative housing growth 10-30


5 Responses to What’s planned for your town?

  1. Tony Halor says:

    I’m disgusted that this could be allowed, who is hiring the town councillors to “ADVISE” on their planning applications? Is it time for the whole lot to be sacked AGAIN like the debacle at the end of the 90’s


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