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Tory MP clarifies ‘confusion’

Conservative MP for North Cornwall, Scott Mann, has been forced to react to the angry furore raised by his reported intention to meet ministers, together with his fellow Cornish MPs, to discuss the future of the Framework Convention for the … Continue reading

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Tories planning to ditch Cornish national minority status?

This week I was given a copy of a letter from Conservative MP for North Cornwall, Scott Mann, sent to one of his constituents. He’d been asked ‘what are you doing to uphold protected minority status’ [for the Cornish]? Scott … Continue reading

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What do we want? Reflections on housing, ‘growth’ and the Cornish crisis.

After launching the Charter for Cornwall campaign we were asked by one sceptic what exactly it was that we wanted. The question niggled. How do we sum up the big issue facing Cornwall in a sentence or two? We’re quite … Continue reading

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An alternative new year message from Redruth

This is traditionally the time when every politician, journalist and blogger thinks they have the God-given right to impose their dyspeptic thoughts on innocent bystanders. Of course, I’m no exception. So I thought I’d better join in and inflict my … Continue reading

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