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Bring us your huddled masses: housing target rises yet again

So the Government has come up with yet another cunning plan to encourage more housebuilding. Communities Minister Sajid Javid is consulting on a new, simpler method of calculating housing targets to be applied across the board for housing targets to … Continue reading

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How did we get into this mess?: 3 Why the housing target matters

Given the falling population growth rate of the 1990s, Cornwall’s Core Strategy, on which the Council began working in 2010, provided a perfect opportunity to put in place a lower housing target and establish the conditions for a more balanced … Continue reading

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Peer review or hatchet job? Deconstructing Cornwall’s Council’s planning system.

On January 7th a peer review on Cornwall Council’s planning department was published –  Final Planning Peer Report – Cornwall Council Jan 7 2016. This was leaked to the press in early March at the latest but unaccountably still cannot … Continue reading

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The brownfield myth

In the world of doublespeak that passes for developer-led planning words don’t mean what they appear to mean. For instance, a lot of folk fall for the ‘affordable home’ pitch. Yet almost all the houses for sale as ‘affordable’ are … Continue reading

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A park and ride too near: update on Tregurra valley and Truro’s Eastern District Centre

The latest in a long line of Cornwall Council cock-ups is the ill-fated bus lane into Truro from the curiously named Eastern District Centre (of what?) This is part of a cunning plan put together by Waitrose, those ‘carers for … Continue reading

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