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Cornwall Council: protecting place-shaping from democracy

Unfortunately, there’s no happy ending to this series of blogs. Opposition to the increasingly desperate and out-of-touch hyper-growth strategy of our ruling elite is fragmented and weak. Organisation is absent. Although many people are vaguely concerned about the direction the … Continue reading

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The problems with Cornwall Council’s growth obsession

We’ve seen how Cornwall Council is obsessed by its drive for ‘growth’, which, despite all the flannel surrounding it, turns out to contain at its core the same old-fashioned housing and population growth. There are four fundamental problems with its … Continue reading

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Cornwall Council’s love affair with housing and population growth

Go beyond the vision in New Frontiers, the Council’s bid to central government for a second ‘devolution deal’. What do we find? As we have seen, it turns out that the document contains no new approach at all, just more … Continue reading

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Cornwall Council’s ‘big idea’: Growth. Lots of it. And then more.

The ‘big idea’ at the core of the Council’s strategy is ‘growth’. Perhaps the Council’s ideological gurus, most brought into Cornwall at great expense, think this is a new idea. I suppose we can’t blame them for being ignorant of … Continue reading

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Cornwall Council’s choice: Place-shaping, privatisation and policy follies

To understand what might otherwise appear to be the collective insanity gripping a power-crazed elite at Truro we need to set it in the context of major reductions in the revenue support grant central government gives to local government. These … Continue reading

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Cornwall Council‘s quandary: How to survive in conditions of austerity

What the hell is going on at Cornwall Council? On those extremely rare occasions when people think about local government they probably have a hazy notion that councils provide public services paid for out of our rates and taxes. Decisions … Continue reading

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