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Corporate Local Plan adopted: dismal day at Lys Kernow

On Tuesday Cornwall Council’s leadership got what they’ve been wanting – an ‘overwhelming’ vote by councillors to adopt the Council’s Corporate (so-called Local) Plan. The green light has been now been given to the Plan’s target of a minimum of … Continue reading

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The Devonwall Connection 4: Their business plan for us.

We’ve seen how the devonwall agenda is driven by the corporate interests of devonwall institutions – principally Pennon/South West Water and the Plymouth newspaper the Western Morning News. It’s then given legitimacy by academics at Exeter and Plymouth Universities and … Continue reading

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The Devonwall Connection 3: devonwall and Cornwall

On October 21st the Cornish were told, in no uncertain terms, and by a Cabinet Minister no less, to buck themselves up and stop thinking they were ‘distinct’. There was absolutely no prospect of Cornwall being recognised as a region. … Continue reading

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The Devonwall Connection 2: Vision or nightmare?

What did the self-selected and undemocratic mandarins meeting at the ‘South West Growth Summit’ in October actually want? Having spent a tedious few hours wading through the transcription of the proceedings, I have to say the conclusion is ‘nothing earth-shatteringly … Continue reading

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The Devonwall Connection 1: The zombies wake

There was a predictable outburst of indignation when Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government Sajid Javid sternly ticked off the Cornish for seeing ‘their county [sic] as distinct from the rest of the region, a special case that … Continue reading

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Can we take back our country Cornish-style?

The clock is ticking. Time is running out. Time, that is, before we’re granted our four-yearly chance to have our ‘democratic say’ on Cornwall Council in next May’s elections. Since the last election in 2013 our elected representatives have shown … Continue reading

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