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Living in the end times? The Cornish crisis ramps up.

Are we living through the end times in Cornwall, doomed to survive into what Neil Kennedy has called Kernowland? This is a post-Cornish Cornwall, stripped of its indigenous, native cultures, even as token signage in re-written medieval Cornish proliferates and … Continue reading

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More on those surveys that never were. Cornwall Council still insists world is flat

You have to give Cornwall Council’s planners full credit for being as slippery as a set of eels. First, they concede that they have no actual contemporary survey data to back up their regular claims that 80%+ of new housing … Continue reading

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The curious case of the Cornwall Council housing surveys that never were

Back in 2015 Phil Mason, Cornwall Council’s planning chief, announced at a meeting about housing that new housing projects attracted no in-migrants. Instead, all new houses were actually being built for current residents. It’s fair to say that this was … Continue reading

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Cornwall for Change Conference, Saturday, 10 March

Planning in Cornwall, for People or Profit? A debate and questions. Cornwall for Change (C4C) and Community Voice on Planning (CoVoP) are holding a conference on 10th March 2018, 2pm – 5pm The venue is Crossroads Conference Centre, Scorrier, Redruth, … Continue reading

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Bring us your huddled masses: housing target rises yet again

So the Government has come up with yet another cunning plan to encourage more housebuilding. Communities Minister Sajid Javid is consulting on a new, simpler method of calculating housing targets to be applied across the board for housing targets to … Continue reading

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Cornwall Council elections to bring little change

So we’ve voted in the local elections. Or some of us. Most people didn’t bother. Others  voted along tribal party lines, not knowing or caring what their preferred party is actually saying about the future of Cornwall. And for the … Continue reading

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How did we get into this mess?: 2 False dawns and lost opportunities

The aim of this series of blogs is to unearth the limited evidence available that might allow us to assess which councillors to re-elect next month. However, first we’ll need to spend a couple of days establishing a context for … Continue reading

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