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Cornwall Council’s love affair with housing and population growth

Go beyond the vision in New Frontiers, the Council’s bid to central government for a second ‘devolution deal’. What do we find? As we have seen, it turns out that the document contains no new approach at all, just more … Continue reading

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Brexit’s potential silver linings

What are the silver linings to the Brexit cloud? The first and most promising is the effect on the property market. During the referendum campaign, George Osborne and the Treasury predicted that house prices would fall by 18% and David … Continue reading

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Time warp at Cornwall Council. 30 years on and still powerless.

Here’s a report from the West Briton ‘Housing protests may backfire‘. ‘Objectors to … forecasts of massive increases in Cornwall’s housing needs were warned last week that their protests could achieve the opposite effect‘ Planning officers hastened to warn councillors … Continue reading

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The cynicism of power. Or how to make money in Cornwall.

The cynicism of power is now blatant and direct. Those who arrogate the right to decide for us openly and shamelessly parade their interests for all to see. Take the ‘examination’ of Cornwall Council’s Local Plan, which charade resumes its … Continue reading

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Cornwall Council gets rattled

You really have to wonder about people like John Pollard, the Leader of Cornwall Council, who has submitted a long justification for the Council’s policies to the West Briton after last week’s advert by housing campaigners. People like this will … Continue reading

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A property-renting democracy? Cornwall’s landlord MPs

During the Commons debate on the Government’s bill to make social housing history a Labour MP proposed an amendment. This wanted new rules to force landlords to ensure houses were fit for human habitation. It was voted down by 312 … Continue reading

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Is Cornwall Council being ‘bullied’ into population-led growth?

The Council is now claiming that it is being bullied by a ruthless Tory Government into increasing the housing target even further and have little choice. Yes, the Government is hell-bent on delivering profits for developers and landlords rather than … Continue reading

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