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Are we building for local need? The data updated.

The ONS recently produced some new household projections. What are the implications for the number of houses we ‘need’ to build in Cornwall? Across England and Wales, the revised projections reduce estimates of future growth by up to 25%. In … Continue reading

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When is affordable not affordable?

Local builders Ferndale Developers Ltd were granted permission in 2012 to build three affordable homes at Pensilva in St Ive parish, east Cornwall. They duly appeared on the market in 2014, priced at £125,000 for a three bed semi-detached house, … Continue reading

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Developer slashes proportions of affordable homes

It’s been interesting to see what Wainhomes has been up over the last few months. Cornwall Council has received five planning applications from this company in three months, all seeking to revise the housing allocations in plans that have already … Continue reading

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Cornwall meets Tory targets. And exceeds them.

Last year, the Government dispatched its inspector to have a look at Cornwall’s Local Plan and ensure that its already excessive housing target was bumped up a bit more in order to meet the needs of developers. Cornwall Council, over-influenced … Continue reading

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Good news? Or bad? Housing completions in Cornwall slide as planning permissions granted soar!

In 2012 there were just over 15,000 permissions for houses to be built in Cornwall but not yet started. Let’s put that into perspective. It’s equivalent to 1.7 more Truros. Two years later and the number of houses with permission … Continue reading

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Affordability and unaffordability

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED JUL 30, 2014 In relation to our population, in Cornwall we have the highest rate of housebuilding in the UK. Yet the problem of affordability has reached new heights. In Going West: Housing, migration and population growth in … Continue reading

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The geography of the affordability crisis

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED OCT 27, 2013 Cornwall’s councillors appear to have given up the struggle to reduce the housing target in their Local Plan. In the 20 years to 2010, 42,106 houses were built. The plan now is for a minimum … Continue reading

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