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Don’t moan, organise 4: some possibilities sketched out

So are we in a position to sketch out this as yet non-existent organisation, one that would fill the political gap between tribalist Westminster-orientated party politics and local campaigning groups? For a start, it would have to foster an image of … Continue reading

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Don’t moan, organise 3: the lessons learnt

What can we learn from other areas? We have a couple of examples from different parts of England. In Herefordshire, campaigners against a major building scheme in Hereford and plans for hundreds of houses in the countryside joined force with … Continue reading

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Don’t moan, organise 2: a way forward charted

When a Strategic Planning Committee meeting at Cornwall Council ended up granting permission for two massive housing schemes, involving almost 1,000 houses and the destruction of a large swathe of countryside west of Truro, there was an angry outcry. The social … Continue reading

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Don’t moan, organise 1: the problem re-stated

Exactly a hundred years ago American labour activist Joe Hill, facing execution, urged supporters not to mourn, but to organise. In Cornwall these days, many mourn the loss of our countryside and heritage. Campaigners are also very likely to moan … Continue reading

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‘Stand up for Cornwall’ a spectacular flop

With impeccable timing, on April 1st the news broke that Cornwall Council was launching a ‘Stand up for Cornwall’ campaign to demonstrate public backing for its case for devolving some powers from London to Cornwall Council. But, like the Grand … Continue reading

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