6: St Austell no longer Awful. Prosperity just around the corner. Honest.

Down from number 2 in the 1990-2010 growth charts to number 6 now is Camborne-Redruth’s terrible twin St Austell, endearingly known by some people who live there as St Awful. This is presumably an example of the wonderful local sense of humour, dear of ’em.

Because how can it possibly be Awful when the area enjoyed a growth rate of over a third, 35% to be exact, in the period 1990-2010? However, even with the joys of the eco-community looming on the horizon, that rate is set to fall somewhat in the current plan period, which is why St Austell has slipped down the rankings. The town itself is only expected to grow by 24% in the 20-year period to 2030. Although that doesn’t include the ‘eco-community’.

St Austell and district has for some reason proved particularly attractive to Wainhomes, who will no doubt be coming up with all sorts of even more exciting plans to improve the area soon.

The land of Wain

The land of Wain

Click here to see what I wrote about St Austell last year.

The only major changes are first, that Westcountry Land’s Higher Trewhiddle Farm ‘hybrid’ ‘development’, which includes 460 houses, got its planning permission in August. Only two councillors voted against this.

More shops, more houses and like magic  St Austell is no longer St Awful. What could be simpler? Hang on though, wasn’t everlasting joy and prosperity also supposed to have happened when they tore down the shopping centre and rebuilt it? Or when they built that shopping centre in the first place? Maybe there’s a big deja-vu issue at St Austell.

The second change is that the Eden Project is no longer broke. Although it will no doubt soon have to face the prospect of closure as excessive car traffic to its mammoth car parks is curtailed by a Tory Government that takes its commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement very seriously indeed.

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One Response to 6: St Austell no longer Awful. Prosperity just around the corner. Honest.

  1. neil hooper says:

    Absolute Rubbish. No new schools or extensions to No bigger surgeries No new shops Still ST AWFULL


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