8: The future is now at the China Clay villages

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I’ve just been informed that the Council has allocated 1,200 of the ‘eco-community’ houses to the China Clay CNA and none to St Austell, whereas I’d distributed them pro-rata as did the original plan. Taking this into account the China Clay CNA has only fallen from top last time to Number 3 now, while St Austell falls to number 9 in the growth league.

Coming in at number 8 in the top ten Cornish growth centres of 2010-2030 is the China Clay Community Network Area. This is actually a massive drop from its number 1 spot of 1990-2010. In those two glorious decades growth in the area hit a record 49%.

A truly superb performance which set the bar for the rest of us. If only we could all achieve that sort of growth rate then surely we’d all be in clover. At least according to the logic of the Council and Government, that is.

So if you want to see the future in action and a Cornish paradise you just have to take a visit over the holidays to the clay country. There, things are booming, everyone has a permanent smile on their face and the pasties are always giant size while never containing those gristly bits that get stuck in your teeth.

Is the clay country landscape doomed?

Is the clay country landscape doomed?

Of course, there’s always some moaners and ne’er do wells. Parish councillors in the area have been heard muttering that it’s become a bit too much and they need a ‘breathing space’ to recover from all the building.

Cornwall Council obviously feels this is short-sighted as they press on with their plans for a so-called eco-community (though pruned back from 2,000 to 1,500 houses) between the Cay Country and St Austell. In this, they’re in partnership with Orascom, Swiss-Egyptian ‘developers’ of luxury leisure bolt-holes for the rich, and Imerys. And backed by the Eden Project in order to give it all a nice, sugary coating of greenwash.

Attempts to remove the ‘eco-community’ from the Council’s Local Plan earlier this month were backed by the grand total of 8 (eight) councillors (the MK group and four others) out of 123. The other 115 were being bullied.

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