Numbers 9 and 10 in Cornwall’s growth league to 2030: Bude and Liskeard.

You lucky, lucky people. Here’s an early Christmas present, courtesy of the combined exertions of Indie/Lib Dem Cornwall Council and the Tory Government. These good folk have been labouring away tirelessly on your behalf in order to produce a housing target for Cornwall that can continue to add 20%+ to our housing stock every 20 years. As we are reliably informed, if this doesn’t happen we’ll revert to the stone age.

But don’t worry about that prospect. The cheery news in this festive season is that the plan has now expanded to 52,500 more houses, up from the councillors’ original preference for 38,000 to 42,000. To make sense of these numbers that’s equivalent to building almost six new Truros or St Austells, or five Penzances, Newquays or Falmouths. Or around 11/12 new Helstons, Liskeards or Launcestons. In just 20 years. Brilliant.

And they’re all for you and your children. Well, not quite. In fact, most of them will be ‘needed’ in order to meet demand from those not yet (or perhaps never in the case of second homes) resident in Cornwall. And around 35,000 to 40,000 will be unaffordable for first time buyers. But let’s not quibble about the small print.

So which parts of Cornwall are set to benefit the most from this bonanza? Over the rest of the month I’ll be counting down the top ten of Cornwall’s 19 community network areas in terms of growth over the period to 2030 and comparing them to their place in the 1990-2010 league table.

The new Bude arises

The new Bude arises

Today, at numbers 9 and 10 in the growth league table we have two areas in east Cornwall. Bude has slipped from number 7 in the previous growth table to 9 now. Meanwhile, there’s a new entry, as Liskeard/Looe moves into the top ten at number 10. In Liskeard itself, Cornwall Council is planning a massive 31% growth in just 20 years. This is of course ‘sustainable’. At Bude-Srtratton-Poughill, it’s a mere 24%.

Doomed countryside at Liskeard

Doomed countryside at Liskeard

Here’s what I wrote a year ago about Bude and Liskeard. Since then plans have been mooted to build over the remaining green space between Bude and Stratton. At Liskeard, the Dickensian suburb has begun to take shape as the countryside to the north east of the town is systematically vandalised. The next phase will no doubt be to the east of Morrisons and the A390.

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