Pigs seen flying over Truro – Cornwall Council described as ‘anti-development’!

What was either a very silly or an utterly confused news item was today heard on Radio Cornwall. It was reported that an anonymous group of planning inspectors and councillors brought in to advise Cornwall Council had rather amazingly concluded that the Council was ‘anti-development’.

This ridiculous assertion is about as far from the truth as it’s possible to get.

If Cornwall Council is ‘anti-development’ then how come so many more houses were built  in Cornwall in 2014/15 than in England in relation to our population? This wasn’t some blip either. Over the whole period since 2005 developers have been busy building houses  in Cornwall at a rate almost twice as fast as in England.

house completions

If Cornwall Council is ‘anti-development’ then how come outstanding planning permissions have soared in number recently, from 14,488 in 2011 to 24,181 earlier this year, as developers greedily landbank on a massive scale?

pps cornwall

Was Radio County making some sort of weird, very bad taste joke? Or had they got it hopelessly wrong? Maybe the group of planners really meant to say ‘pro-development’ but it was a slip of the tongue. Or they were misheard.

Or is there more to this curious tale than meets the eye? Interesting to say the least that this absurd factoid appears in a news item on the precise day that councillors were being urged to ramp up the 20 year housing target to 52,500, a huge 16.4% increase on the previous build rate. And that was already much higher than across the Tamar. Looks like the usual disinformation at best, blatant lying at worst.

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3 Responses to Pigs seen flying over Truro – Cornwall Council described as ‘anti-development’!

  1. Ashley Wood says:

    Hi Bernard. Could you let me know (if you know) who/what the source of Radio Cornwall’s story was as I didn’t hear it? I was at a Planning Forum yesterday when we were told that the meeting could not be told what was in the Peer Review until those participating (of which I was one on behalf of parish councils) had been told! If you could let me know your email address I can then give you a bit of background from my perspective.


  2. Conan Jenkin says:

    Cllr. Nolan mentioned the same at Truro city council last night. Seems Kernow is seen as antidevelopment hence the large fines that have been earned by the council


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