Replacing the unaffordability strategy


We have to move from a strategy of Unaffordability, meeting external demands, to one of Affordability, meeting local needs. The final section of Going West: Housing, migration and population growth in Cornwall contains a few preliminary proposals.

“We have a choice. We can continue with a strategy of Unaffordability, accommodating externally generated demand while we watch a unique heritage dissolve in front of our eyes. Or we can begin on the path towards Affordability (in both senses of the word), meeting the real needs of local communities and strengthening Cornish distinctiveness and self-confidence. An Affordability strategy would replace a narrow focus on housing growth with a genuinely ‘Green Cornwall’ objective as the central element in a vision of Cornwall’s future.

No-one is saying this would be easy. Or quick. It will involve community activism, democratic re-charging and grass-roots organising. It will need to confront some very powerful vested interests who have a stake in the current building bonanza. It would have to work towards a major paradigm shift in attitudes to housing and the environment, one that replaces developer-led growth with community-led democratic sustainability.”

string pulling

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