Is developer-led planning affordable?


In Section 6 of Going West: Housing, migration and population growth in Cornwall I ask whether the associated costs are making developer-led growth any longer affordable.

The end result of developer-led planning?

The end result of developer-led planning? Houses with no usual resident 2011

“More housing is justified ostensibly to meet the needs of ‘the local area’ (Local Plan Policy 2) even though in practice it meets demand from in-migrants. More housing is urgently required to ‘solve’ the lack of affordable housing, even though up to four fifths of the houses built will be unaffordable or go to meet the demand for second homes or holiday lets. More housing is necessary to house the migrants who will comprise the labour supply needed to fill the new jobs created. Against all the evidence of the past half century, ‘more’ will be ‘better’. Prosperity waits just around the corner if only we continue to do exactly what we’ve already been doing for five decades – without striking success. The landscape must be remoulded, the countryside built over, the Cornishness of Cornwall eroded. These are the costs we have to pay for ‘growth’ and the elusive ‘prosperity’ it will bring.”

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