Growth: the new heroin


In Section 4 of Going West: Housing, migration and population growth in Cornwall we see how the ‘growth fetish’ gives more green lights to the developers.

Here’s the beginning …

hr newham farm 2 “Economic growth is the heroin of capitalism. And we’re all hopeless addicts. If there is growth then we’re able to function. If there isn’t, then we stare apocalypse in the face. Or so we’re told. Pursuing this metaphor, we find the drug dealers in the Tweedledum/Tweedledee political class, while the producers lurk more anonymously in the borderless world of the corporations. Locally, our craving for economic growth translates into pathetic and begging pleas for more jobs, any jobs. Providing the inevitable jobs fix eases the way for any and all development. As we focus on all those lovely jobs we’re promised, we forget the anguish that comes in their wake.”

And at Langarth

And at Langarth

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