Dubious data and manipulated models


‘Official’ projections of demographic change in Cornwall consistently exaggerate the actual growth. And by some margin. Yet Cornwall Council leaders meekly accept these hopelessly inaccurate ‘official’ demographic projections, agreeing with their planning officers’ opinion that they’re not rubbish. Of course not; they’re ‘robust evidence’. Rigging the rules, the Government insists their flawed guesswork can be the only permitted basis for ‘objective assessments’ of the ‘need’ for more housing in Cornwall.

Getting it completely wrong

Getting it completely wrong

In Going West: Housing, migration and population growth in Cornwall I show how this ‘need’ is systematically distorted and exaggerated. The truth is stark. Cornwall’s population and housing is entirely driven by demand from new permanent and temporary residents. Current policy is designed to increase the level of migration and thus population growth in Cornwall. The only question that remains is how far is this deliberate or how far does it happen by default?

Going West: Housing, migration and population growth in Cornwall will be available free here this coming weekend.

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