Doubling the urban area in a lifetime


Section 1 of Going West: Housing, migration and population growth in Cornwall puts Cornwall’s housing and population growth in context. Despite the surprising difficulty in discovering precisely how many houses have been built, we can be certain a lot more will be built in the near future.

“In just two decades the equivalent of 4.2 Penzances, 5.1 Cambornes, 5.3 Truros or St Austells, 6.5 Saltashes or 10.7 Liskeards will have to be built. Our housing stock (and by implication our built-up area) will need to grow by at least 18.3%. If that rate continues beyond the plan period, the built-up area doubles every 77 years. Put another way, the urban area of Cornwall could double within the expected life span of someone born in Cornwall tomorrow.”

Under threat near Saltash

Under threat near Saltash

Under threat near Truro

Under threat near Truro

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