Exposing developer-led planning in Cornwall


Going soon in some place near you

Going soon in some place near you

Look out for a new free document coming soon. Next weekend I shall be placing a 70 page paper on housing, migration and population growth in Cornwall on this website. This collects together the latest available data on central government’s and Cornwall Council’s policy to impose even higher population growth on Cornish communities.

As Cornwall’s colonisation picks up speed, Going West: Housing, migration and population growth in Cornwall does two things. First, it provides some questions that councillors and others need to ask the planning officers. Second, it presents some arguments and data that campaigners might find useful in their ongoing struggles to protect cultural and environmental landscapes against developer-led planning.

Here’s an extract from the Introduction to give you a flavour …

But why is the great Cornish build happening? Why is Cornwall being built over at a faster rate, when we consider its resident population numbers, than anywhere else in the UK? In this document I assess the arguments put forward by those who want to push on with fast housing and population growth, and even expand it. I shall argue that the data that underlie their assertions are flawed, their assertions are unproven, their awareness of the events of the past half-century is non-existent, their ‘vision’ is stale, partial and uninspiring.

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